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Joe Roncetti is a Los Angeles based musician, born and raised in Toronto. He lives in LA with his beautiful wife and two sons and strives to create music every moment he can.

Raised in a house filled with love and great musical influences, Joe has always been a fan of soul stirring music and has made it his life’s work to write music that moves people.

Even as a child listening to his parents records, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Joe Cocker (coincidentally Roncetti’s namesake), Joe always saw himself becoming a musician one day.

In 1991, Joe performed his first gig, but his love for music was born years before and has always been enthusiastically supported by his family. When Joe was 10 years old, his father surprised him on Christmas morning with the guitar he had been coveting. For weeks, on the way home from school, Joe had made his father drive by the old music shop on Park Street just to catch a glimpse of the $49 Harmony guitar hanging in the store window . Joe committed himself to learning to play the guitar each and every day and by the time he performed his first show at the Marquee club in downtown Toronto, he knew that playing in a Rock and Roll band was all he wanted to do and hasn’t looked back since.

Joe’s first band BENJAMIN was managed by notable Canadian heavyweight Chris Taylor and experienced some early success. The band caught the eye of Capitol Records and BENJAMIN recorded a demo and signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell, which brought Roncetti to Los Angeles. As a result, Joe has collaborated with several accomplished musicians and producers over the years, such as Glen Ballard, Robbie Nevil, Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones) and Don Smith. (Tom Petty)

In addition to his commitment to music, Roncetti also managed to fit in a successful acting career working with Gus Van Sant in TO DIE FOR and Sofia Coppola in THE VIRGIN SUICIDES as well as various television shows, but music was never far from his heart.

In 2006 Joe put acting on the back burner and was inspired to front another band called LAST PICTURE SHOW and released an album on Modern Day Records. With LAST PICTURE SHOW, Roncetti toured North America extensively and renewed his love of writing, performing and playing music to the masses.

Soon after, 2008 found Joe Roncetti full of inspiration and gratefulness and the album ‘Restoration Plans’ was born.

After spending some much needed downtime in Vancouver in 2010, the change in environment inspired a more folksier, mellower sound and his album ‘Come Spring” embodied the openness of Vancouver with the edginess and sophistication of LA.

Joe Roncetti’s most recent solo album, 2014’s ‘Early Shapes’, brought a whole new level of content and showed a side of Roncetti previously untapped. The depth of each track of Early Shapes is merely a preview of what Joe Roncetti is capable of. His soulful and early Rock and Roll sound has garnered comparisons to early Springsteen, Neil Young, Steve Earle and Tom Petty.

Joe’s latest project is with his longtime friend Ashley Hamilton as a member of the band ASH AND THE LONELY HEARTS. Their debut album was released on July 24th 2015 . They are currently at work in the studio writing and recording their follow up album, as well as appearing on the new show STEWARTS AND HAMILTONS on the E! Channel.

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Buckets & Rope

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